Delivery Information


All PreppyPaws products are sent from the suppliers who manufacture or distribute the items straight through to the PreppyPaws HQ for processing.

We charge standard rates for shipping detailed below:

 Shipping rates Shipping Weight Shipping Price
Standard UK Shipping 0.0 kg - 2.0 kg £4.50
Large Items 2.0 kg - 10.0 kg £10.00
Heavy Items 10 kg - 25 kg £20.00


Unfortunately, we only ship within the UK, however, if you're a customer from outside of the UK, please contact us with the product(s) you like and we can create a custom order for you to consider.

As we source our items from suppliers from all around the world, we receive all orders at our HQ first for us to verify it's according to the order placed and that the items are in good condition. If multiple items have been ordered in one order, we will wait for all of them to arrive so that our customers will receive them all together. We then wrap the items up and send them through to our users from HQ. This is the reason why delivery on standard items is normally fifteen to twenty working days (15 to 20 days)** this includes order confirmation, item processing time (approx. 5 to 10 days depending on order volume) and delivery at its destination, and within 30 days for exclusive or custom made items. However, as we have partners shipping from all over the world, selling weird and wonderful products, delivery times may sometimes need to be extended if the product is large, or heavy. On another note, we commit to deliver all our items as promptly as possible, so we ensure to provide live parcel tracking on all products in store.
During Holiday Period in UK for PreppyPaws and Local/National Holidays for our Off-shore suppliers, Delivery Times may be extended.



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